A cover design is very important for a book, magazine, or any kind of reading material. Your book may have in its pages?the greatest content, but without a good looking cover, no one will choose to pick your book. Since people are mostly visual, they go for a unique book design. People do judge a book, in this case, a booklet by its cover.

Are you having trouble making your cover design for your booklet? You can always look up?booklet design templates?for you to download, since templates help you create your own with ease. Just choose one from below!

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Brochure?Booklet Design

Company?Booklet Design

A5 Portfolio Booklet Design

Printable Resume Booklet Design

Creative Resume?Booklet Design

Booklets Vs. Brochures

We all know that booklets and brochures may serve the same purpose: advertising. But, the two actually have different features in both content and outer look. Below are a few differences between the two:

  • Booklets have more pages for advertisements.?Some booklets can even reach up to twenty pages. Brochures, on the other hand, only have one to three pages at most.
  • Booklets can give more detailed information about a certain, product, service, promotion, or event.?A brochure on the other hand, only gives a preview; its specific purpose to is to give a quick and concise description, or to simply feature new products
  • For the material used, booklets will always be made of paper with a glossy finish to maintain that elegant look. Brochures can also use the?glossy kind, but they can also be made from used and recycled paper for a more unique look.

Even with these differences, they share the common purpose of attracting potential customers to the product, service or event you are trying to advertise. Today, both booklets and brochures are mixed together to create a new kind of advertising design:?booklet brochure templates which?you can easily find from the web.

Vector?Booklet Design Template

Event?Booklet Design

Fantasy?Booklet Template

Variety of Booklet Cover Templates

A?wide variation of booklet cover design templates can help you choose the best one that will match with the theme of your advertisement or content. This can be a big factor when attracting possible customers or readers. However, content is not everything when you don’t have the right cover design.?You can choose from the ones below:

  • Event booklet design – These types of cover designs are often used for any booklet that features an event. It includes details such as the theme of the event, the time, attire, date, among others. The template contains bright colors, unique shapes, and images to attract their readers.
  • Creative resume booklet design – If you have the knack to sell yourself in a creative way, then this is the booklet cover design to use. This is meant to attract hiring companies with loads of details you may want to share. The cover design allows you to feature your face if you want to and space for additional decorations.
  • Company booklet design – These types of booklet cover designs are often used?for booklets that contain company information. These booklets aim to tell their readers about the company’s history, significant people involved with the company’s success, management, products or services offered, and company activities, if applicable.
  • Fashion booklet design – You can often find these types of booklet cover designs used for fashion clothing line portfolios. Fashion booklets differ in size, as some of them are done in?A5 booklet designs.
  • Wedding booklet template – These types of booklet designs are specifically found on wedding albums or used by wedding photographers to present their portfolios to a client.

Company Information Booklet Template

Business?Booklet Design

Fashion?Booklet Template

Booklet Resume Template

Funeral Program Square Booklet

A Booklet’s Purpose

Booklets are important when either used for art or for corporate purposes. Booklets tell the stories of pictures in your portfolios, they help you promote your products in a formal and presentable way, and most importantly, they let you create connections with other people that may be able to give you new opportunities or a new start in your career.

Booklets are used to define your services, products, or portfolio in great detail, as you are able to give an introduction, a clear content on what your services can do and benefit a customer. Basically, booklets can be a medium to promoting your product in a presentable and professional way.

When used for art, booklets can be a useful tool for your pictures or any kind of artwork you want to present to your customers. Collages of pictures and definitions about each photo would also be interesting information for your customers.

If you want your cover to have?a more corporate-oriented theme for your booklets, you should also check our variety of?business booklet templates.?These cover designs give your booklets a formal and professional look.

Modern Portfolio Booklet

Case Study?Booklet Design

Wedding?Booklet Template

Travel?Booklet Template

Cv?Booklet Template

Magazine Media Kit Booklet

Balance Sheet Booklet

Landscape Booklet Template

?Professional Booklet Design

Luxury A5 Booklet Template

8 Pages Resume Booklet

Creating your Booklet

In order for you to attract the customers you need, you will have to consider a few things when creating the perfect booklet. Below are a few tips you must take note of:

  • Have a theme in mind – It is important to have a theme in mind. Where are you going to use this booklet? For what purpose? Who am I presenting my booklet to? These are just some of the questions you will have to ask yourself in order for you to think of the perfect theme.
  • Have good computer specifications – In order for you to create the perfect booklet, you will also need to have the appropriate workplace and tools to do so. Since the?main work tool you’ll be using is your computer, you will need to have it upgraded if you think it needs to be, or buy a new one with the recommended computer specifications for a smooth flow of your software program when editing.
  • Placing images and detailed information – You will have to insert a lot of pictures about your products or services for your viewers to visualize what you’re selling. It would also be highly advisable for you to place as much information to describe your products and services. You have ample space in a booklet, so you won’t have to cramp up visuals with texts. For a more balanced look, remember that the shape of your booklet matters. For example, square booklet templates will have less space for content compared to a rectangular shaped one. Choose the size and shape that’s enough for your images and information to avoid cramping or even empty space.

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