Wallpapers are not new to most of us and we have been using it since very long. Yes, we cannot even remember that for how many years we have spent with wallpapers. Wallpaper is actually a picture or a combination of graphics that you put on the front screen of your device.

Previously, they were only a part of desktop computers or the personal computers. However, with the passage of time, the trend of HD and QHD wallpapers has increased and people are using them for their laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and others.

There are varieties of wallpapers and most of them are available free on the internet. People select them according to their interest and sometime, according to their age. Some people do like the nature, especially the ones who are close to it. Such people usually choose the natural things or the pictures of the nature as their wallpaper.

It may include the picture of sun, moon, flowers, sea, or anything else. As already discussed, they are close to the nature and they want to stay close. Hence, they choose such pictures as their wallpapers. Usually the elderly people love such HD and QHD wallpapers.

There is an exhausted list of the reasons that why people want HD and QHD wallpapers but we can say that it is because we need change in our life. Being a human, we cannot keep on living with one thing and we usually get bored, if we keep on living with one thing.

Moreover, the wallpapers are available in vibrant colors and the pictures are just eye catching. They will not allow you to look somewhere else! So, people love to have different types of wallpapers in their devices to make them look more attractive.

Sometimes, the wallpapers are not the usual pictures; people also use quotations and collection of words as their wallpapers. It is because when you like some quotation or sayings of your favorite character, you love to see and read it again and again.

So, you may put that quotation as you wallpaper so every time you use your device, you get the chance to look at it. It is same as the situation in which you like a movie or a book and you just keep on reading or watching it again and again. Similarly, you can keep your favorite quotation as your wallpaper.


Other than the quotations, wallpapers also have some message written on them. You must have seen people wearing shirt on which some messages are written. These messages can be of any type and for anyone. Similarly, people do like to have wallpapers on which some good messages are written or anything that they might like.

So, they keep it as their wallpaper. They may do this because their inner self or their self esteem asked them to do so. The type of message is not a particular one, it can be a religious message, a political message, an educational message, or about anything else.

It is usually seen that children love to have posters of their favorite cartoon all around their room. They want the posters on the walls, on the doors of the cupboards, on the entrance door, and whatever space they find in the room. Similarly, these children want the pictures of their favorite cartoon as their wallpaper.

Hence, the pictures of different cartoon characters are available in the form of HD and QHD wallpapers. They keep on changing the wallpapers of the cartoons according to what they like to see. Hence, wallpapers are also used by the children.

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