When it comes to any professional endeavor—opening a retail store, attending a conference, setting up a booth at a job fair—you can never be too prepared. Even with a list of completed tasks to ensure a good impression or a successful store opening, you’re not equipped to face the battlefield unless you’ve got your roll up banners set up and standing straight.

A good addition to your current marketing strategy, roll up banners are resourceful ways for you to get more clients or employees. They can be stored and set-up easily, and are attractive to boot. Check out our list of?banner designs to see what we mean.

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Corporate Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Security Services Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Furniture Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Business?Roll Up Banner

Multipurpose Business?Roll Up Banner

Advertising?Roll Up Banner

Corporate?Roll Up Banner

Professional?Corporate?Roll Up Banner

Corporate Business Roll Up Banner

Outdoor?Roll Up Banner

Holiday Sale?Outdoor?Roll Up Banner

Outdoor Billboard Roll Up Banner

Stand?Roll Up Banner

Business Roll Up Stand Banner

Corporate Roll Up Stand Banner

Product Roll Up Stand Banner

Fashion?Roll Up Banner

Fashion?Roll Up Banner Signage

Fashion Show Roll Up Banner

Hair?Salon?Fashion?Roll Up Banner

Multipurpose?Fashion?Roll Up Banner

Why Roll Up Banners are Perfect for Your Business

Roll up banners or roller banners are good resources for your professional careers or booming businesses. If you’re wondering why or how that can be so, here are some of the reasons roll up banners were invented precisely to be advantageous to you:

  • Roller banners are additional advertising techniques. They introduce your company, products or services in a concise but striking manner.
  • They are informative and engaging. You can be detailed with a specific product or service. If you are offering discount rates and packages, or are currently hiring, those would be perfect features for roll up banners.
  • Roll up banners are somewhat like enlarged brochure panels. You are able to inform the people who wouldn’t have otherwise known about your company or your services. They cater to passersby and anyone who can see them.
  • With that said, roll up banners are sure to increase your visibility as a company, business, or retail store. Any form of publicity material you use to advertise your business can greatly help.
  • Roll up banners have the advantage of being handy. You can store and carry them with you to any location. That means any event you’ve got going on, you can proudly display your banners. They are basically your traveling billboards.

Roll up banners prove to be good investments. They are added ammunition for your marketing and advertising strategies. If you can make you banners look striking and relevant to the people who can see them, then you’re headed in the right direction.

Different Types of Roll Up Banners

  • Corporate Roll Up Banners

Corporate banners are all about introducing your company to the world. Creative tactics are usually poured into the roll up banners. Because they should be eye-catching and brief, a lot of thought is put into the proper color scheme and word-use.

Treat your corporate banner design like a teaser trailer for your potential clients and employees. They should contain all of the company’s best features. With an image of successful and inspiring people from your company, motivate the viewer to take part in your business.

  • Fashion Roll Up Banners

Roll up banners are perfect for fashion brands, clothing lines, and cosmetics stores. You can feature this season’s look on your banners. Make the consumer feel like he or she can look just as good as the model on your banners. Roller banners are also ways for you to announce you’re on sale to attract customers.

The look of your banners should be that of your store. The aesthetics of your store and your banners, from color palettes to typefaces, should be consistent. This is one way of upholding a consistent image for your brand.

If people keep seeing your banners even before they’ve entered your store, they will have had an initial impression of your brand. If the image in their heads coincides with the image projected by your brand, you’ve succeeded in keeping a strong image.

  • Gym and Fitness Roll Up Banner

If you’re currently wondering what’s an effective way of getting people to sign up at your gym, put up a roller banner that inspires and motivates. Getting fit and staying fit is serious business, and that’s what roll up banners usually represent.

A fitness banner?usually consists of an image of a physically fit man or woman with an overview of the gym amenities and work out regimen available. These types of banners are often straight to the point. Gyms that cater beginners often use lighter colors in their banners while advanced workout practices are featured in dark undertones.

  • Fast Food Roll Up Banner

Fast food chains can also benefit from roll up banners. They are effective ways of marketing and featuring new products and best-seller meals. Roll up banners present images of fast food meals in vibrant colors to attract customers. They also feature the prices to convince customers they’re in for a good deal.

A restaurant banner or fast food roller banner is?often displayed in close proximity to the store as a way of drawing people in and giving a sense of instant gratification once their hunger has been satisfied.


Photography?Roll Up Banner

Photography?Roll-Up Banner Template

Photography?Roll Up Banner Signage

Real Estate?Roll Up Banner

3 in 1?Real Estate?Roll Up Banner

Real Estate Billboards Roll Up Banner

Real Estate and Homescapes Roll Up Banner

Modern?Real Estate?Roll Up Banner

Party Rollup Banners

Music?Party Rollup Banner

Fashion Show Party Rollup Banner

Fitness Rollup Banner

Beauty?Fitness Rollup Banner

Fitness Program Rollup Banner

Professional?Fitness Rollup Banner

Real Estate Roll Up Banner

Roll up banners are often used for real estate advertising. Real estate is a huge investment and their advertising methods should convince the potential client that they’re in for a good one. Roll up banners, therefore, have to be welcoming, comforting, at the same time, firm and assertive

Aside from promoting the best features of a property, they have to sell the idea of home to the potential client. Real estate banners have to strike a balance between the professional aspect and the creative aspect that comes into buying a property.

When is the Perfect Time to Put Up Roller Banners?

For your roll up banners to take full effect, you need to be strategic about when and where to display them. There are plenty of opportunities for you to do so, so here are some of the best avenues to show off your banners:

  • Whether it’s within your own office or at a public setting, put your banners on display. Corporate events vary and can cater to both large and small audiences. Conventions, charity balls or dinner parties can be an avenue to get potential clients or employees. You can display your roll up banners by the entrance or at the stage.
  • If you get invited to a job fair, go all out. Make sure you get the most attention with your roller banners, creative brochure display, and pleasing personality. Corporations are often seen as standoffish and lacking in persona. Break the stereotype and be as inviting as possible with your colorful paraphernalia.
  • If you’re store opening is fast approaching, equip yourself with the most appealing and captivating roll up banners to draw customers to your store. You products banners displayed at the entrance of your shop should should embody the whole look and mood of your shop.
  • You may be located inside a mall or at a business park, find a good spot to put up your roller banners for passersby to see. You don’t have to cover every block or corner. Observe the places people frequently pass by and be quick to reserve that spot.
  • When you put your banners on display outdoors, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be nearby—although that would be a good start. Once you’ve expanded, cover the areas where your target market might be. Do your research and take note of any competitors doing the same.

As you can see, there’s a lot of planning and goal-setting that has to occur before the big setup. If you want your banners to be effective and get you the desired number of clients or applicants, you have to be strategic. Of course, every opportunity is an avenue for work and play. Be creative in your tactics to get the most out of the experience.

Basic Tips for Your Banners

As you start working in your roll up banners, there are some basic tips you should keep in mind. They might come in handy in case you run out of ideas, or are currently perplexed with the direction your concept is headed.

  • Always present your logo in your banners. A logo is a representation of your company’s identity, or is the official image of your brand. Using your logo consistently makes it easier for your clients and potential consumers to identify you even without the name of your company or brand.
  • Make use of images that can encourage the viewers to take part in your endeavors, whether that’s a business corporation, a humanitarian cause, or a work out regimen. Images in banners are usually what draw attention, and they should stick to the minds of the people.
  • Most banners are effective with numbers. If you’ve got a sale or discount packages going on, that’s usually when people become more interested. Potential consumers are always out to make a good deal. Putting numbers on your banners might just do the trick.
  • A good balance in your color palette makes for an appealing roll up banner. Your banners shouldn’t be too loud with colors so as not to make people avert their eyes. But they also should’t be too dull that they become unnoticeable.

Once you’ve got all the content and design elements figured out for your roll up banners, don’t hesitate to try them out in different layouts and formats. You can never have too many ideas for a unique banner. Just experiment and have fun. Our list of roll up banner designs are here to help you come up with your own stand out design. You can download and edit them with ease, and before you know it, your banners are wonderfully displayed out for the world to see.

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