Banners are one of the most effective ways of advertising one’s product both online and outdoors. A good banner uses simple, direct and concise pieces of information. How it is designed and laid out would affect the effectiveness of the medium. This is setting out brand awareness and promotion of services and products.

This is why you need great?examples of banner design templates?that can serve as insights you can use in designing own?your product banner. These can suit specific purposes, be it birthdays, invitations, restaurant openings etc.?Continue reading below!

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Furniture Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Food?Product Banner

Product Web Banner

Beauty Product Banner


Furniture Roll Up Banner

Cosmetics Sale Vector Banner

Is it effective to use banners for advertising?

We say yes! Both online and physical banners have long been effective advertising applications to use. We have rounded out these?important reasons to use banners in promoting products.

  • Information. Banners are a visual announcement since they remind the target market on latest promotions, new arrivals, sales etc. Therefore, banners are a way informing the mass audience of a company’s product.
  • Exposure. Advertising products through banners are one great way to gain exposure. This is creating visibility to the target market and the masses.
  • Increased reach. Advertisers and media planners designate their ad materials, in this case,?product banners, to where their target markets are: both offline and online. This is a smart move for businesses because this increases reach; thus, creating attention and awareness of the product.
  • Call to action.?Web banners grab attention and when done creatively and convincingly, it?generates an action. Cleverly place your ads where they don’t make noise and make the entire banner clickable to direct your audience to your website.

Baby?Product Banner

Modern Product Banner Template

Smart Phone Promotion

Product Discount Banner

Business Roll Up Banner

Full Customized App Banners

Electronic Appliances Vector Banners

Cosmetic Product Ad Banners

Corporate Product Banner Template

Banners Matter

Product banners are an extension of your brand, business or company. Keep in mind not to cram unnecessary information in your banner so as not to confuse your target audience. Do simple and be direct and concise with your messages in your?promotion banner designs. To help you get by, we sorted our sample product banners into categories. If you are looking for multiple layout web banners, here are examples you can use:

  • Product web Banner
  • Baby Product Banner
  • Modern Product Banner Template
  • Sale Banner.
  • Full Customized App Banners
  • Product Discount Banner

These design templates are of 72 dpi, technically smaller but perfect when used for the web. Also available in 13+ web banners in different sizes.

If you are considering outdoor advertising using roll up banners,

  • Food Product Banner
  • Furniture Roll Up Banner
  • Beauty Product Banner
  • Business Roll Up Banner
  • Cosmetic Product Ad Banners
  • Corporate Product Banner Template

All templates are compatible with Photoshop, excluding Business Roll Up Banner which is compatible with InDesign and is set for 300 dpi. On the other hand, all the templates are in 150 dpi, again technically smaller and might look pixelated up close when printed. Keep in mind that banners are to be seen from afar, so quality isn’t necessary.

We also compiled vector illustration banners such as the Cosmetics Sale Vector Banner and Electronic Appliances Vector Banners, which?are great choices to use. These vector banners are in flat designs perfect for the modern appearance and direct messaging in product banners.

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